When I registered this account, I did so to be able to post comments at other blogs. Operating a blog of my own was not my intention. On the other hand, I already occasionally verbalise my feelings towards films I’ve seen or books I’ve read. I do this in order to organise my thoughts and improve my memory of the story and character, and/or just to exercise my writing and my mind. So I may as well publish those scribblings here.
My aim is to produce one text (usually a film review) of about 800-1500 words every ten days or so until early 2012. Update: As of week 10 (ending October 14), I am more than on track for that goal, with about 17,000 words in the can across 13 reviews. Update 2 (Jan 22): I hope to resume posting, possibly once again on a weekly schedule (as in 2011), in summer 2012.



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